The Remedy, LLC., was birthed through divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit due to the recognized needs of His people. Jesus desires to give inspiration, relay hope and change those who encounter Him by helping them reach a place of spiritual wellness. The Remedy’s objective is to encourage and empower people across every ethnic, cultural and socio-economic background.  We intend to encourage you with a heart of compassion and see you healed from your distress. When tangible riches and temporary fillers fail to bring you true joy and fulfillment, know there is one Remedy for your pain, heartache and void you are looking to fill. This Remedy is none other than Jesus Christ. If you are interested in finding out more or sharing in the Good News of The Remedy that some of us have been blessed to encounter and come to know, please feel free to email us, check our weekly post for encouraging inspirational quotes, verses and thoughts for the day or purchase any apparel for yourself and a friend. Looking forward to connecting with you and seeing God’s best and will done in your life.


meet the ceo

Dorian Peoples loves God and loves His people. She has spent a number of years assisting chronically ill individuals coordinate their care and allocate services to foster physical stability as a Health Care Professional. It felt like second nature for her to do the same for others spiritually. She accepted her call to ministry at the age of 30. She is no novice to servanthood and is willing to assist in meeting the needs of God’s people with compassion. Dorian has decided to answer yet another call to respond to the current dire needs of a community of the lost, distressed, depressed, and emotionally bound who desperately need God’s love and delivering power. Dorian would love nothing more than to see others around her reach their full potential and live a life of wholeness. There are many who suffer from indescribable voids of the heart and need help navigating their way to a safe place of  fulfillment. You’ve tried everything else, why not try the one true Remedy whom she is here to share with the world, Jesus Christ! To best prepare for this mission, Dorian is currently a graduate student at Liberty University School of Divinity and has completed preparatory classes within her local church, under the direction of her Apostle. Dorian is committed to seeing the divine demand and assignment of The Remedy through to its completion and unto the satisfaction of Christ Jesus.



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